Custom Made Suits

Custom Made Suits

We pride ourselves on providing the ultimate tailoring experience to our clients. Finding what style is suitable for your industry or occasion is the first step. Our team will help you make the right selection from the latest fashion catalogs we carry.  

We only use the highest quality fabrics from Italy and Britian, good raw materials, good cutting techniques, skilled eyes and after sales, ensuring the entire process is of the higest quality and up to the Parmar standard 

After first taking your measurements, we will bring you back for three fittings to ensure you get the perfect suit tailored to your body type.  

Finally, we store every client’s measurements on our digital database. This makes the tailoring experience smoother running, especially if you regularly desire our exceptional services, and reduces the consultation time if you are in urgent need of a suit. 


  • Lapel
  • SuitMaking
  • Pressing
  • Buttonhole